Jadyn Z.A. Thomas, known to the fashion world as Acacia Starr is a budding new creative taking the journey through this fashion industry.

Mz. Acacia is a homeschooler of Connections Academy in their G.A.T.E. program. Although she has currently completed her final year in junior high with a 95% average and 5 high school credits. She was a part of the Chess Club, NJHS and has been named the STAR CHAMPION student for the last three years along with being on the Principal’s list every semester.

Ever since she was a baby Acacia has loved fashion and the creative components behind it. She received help and inspiration from her late Uncle Primas Foulks and God-Father, Miguel Mayfield and Cousin Joey Pearsey who were very fashionable and creative individuals. Acacia also studied under a mentor by the name of Mrs. Bukola Olalere (Mrs. Bukki), the owner of African Prints By Bukkis. She helped expand her knowledge in sketching, designing, sewing and even embroidery. Acacia decided after she started to notice the gap in fashion for tweens and teenagers that they needed representation as well. In her words, “There is nothing cute, trendy and fashionable for me to wear. Everything either looks so babyish or in my Mom’s ter  to grown.” So, she created her own line….Starr Stylzz which specializes in; “Making YOU feel like a “STARR” with their “STYLZZ”!” which is the company motto.

Acacia loves a lot of things from music, to sewing, to even investing and hanging with her Havapooh~ Kieko Oreo Lindt Thomas I, friends and family. Her goal is to motivate other young ladies to be what they want to be by dreaming big and Pushing hard to achieve!! She is currently gearing up for high school next year and planning to go visit the fashion capitals of Paris, Italy and Africa. Her goal with her company is to provide great products for her clients and to become a celebrity designer.