Armani and Amaya Jefferson, Owners of Mani & Maya’s Fruity Treats, were born in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and eventually moved to Summerville, where they reside today. Armani, the oldest, born May 7, 2006 with Amaya following the very next year being born on May 21, 2007. Although, the girls having grown up being very close, have done everything together from dressing alike, sharing birthday parties, friends and now sharing a business, they are very much different. Armani enjoys designing fashion wardrobe for girls, swimming, talking to her best friend Leandra on the phone and cooking, she focuses her free time on her vlog which she hopes to release very soon. Amaya enjoys dancing to hip-hop music, watching YouTube videos, and practicing her cheer routines in the family living room or the back yard of their home.

Mani & Maya’s Fruity Treats was established in the Summer of 2018. They both decided that they wanted to work for the summer to make money. After being told by their mom that they’d have to find another way to make money because they were not old enough to work, the sister duo decided to put their heads together, to come up with a business plan and presented it to their mother, Desiree.

After their mom realized how serious they were about working, she assisted the sisters with getting all the proper business documents, licensing and they began to advertise their grand opening date! Thus, birthing the fruity goodness now known to many around the Charleston area. Mani & Maya’s Fruity Treats has been asked to sell at many local events in the Charleston area. Their Fruity Lemonade, Fruity Pink Lemonade and Fruit bowls are sold at Nana’s Seafood and Soul Restaurant, Downtown Charleston.

They’ve been featured on several television/News outlets, News Channel 2’s Everyday Hero’s with Octavia Mitchell and Midday Show with Lauren Smith, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, Live 5 News Hall of Fame, Social Media interview with Tessa Spencer of News Channel 4 and Radio Personality, Bounce Around Charleston with Randolph Miller, So Exquisite Magazine’s online magazine, and have been nominated for So Exquisite Charleston’s Young Entrepreneurs of Charleston Award. They have also hosted their first event, The Kid Entrepreneurs Expo 2019 this past April, which has now become an annual event.

Mani & Maya’s Fruity Treats business is in a brief hiatus as it goes through some rebranding.  Durig this time, Armani and Amaya still continue their entrepreneurial journey by Amaya now owning a photography company called Maya’s Eyez Photography and Armani doing hair, make up and nails with her own Beauty brand called Royal Glam by Armani Nychole.