As wife to one and a mother of 2 sons, Deya is truly the hostesses with the mostest! With a passion for transforming events into memorable experiences, Deya Smith is a seasoned
corporate emcee who brings charisma, professionalism, and a touch of elegance to every stage. With over 15 years of experience, Deya is a trusted choice for multi day corporate events,
conferences, seminars, and galas.

Deya’s dynamic presence and skillful engagement techniques elevates each event to new heights. Seamlessly transitioning between segments, fostering audience interaction, and keeping the energy vibrant are just a few of Deya’s specialties.

Having emceed events across the east coast, she brings a diverse perspective and cultural sensitivity to every platform. As a skilled communicator, Deya captivates audiences with a commanding voice, impeccable diction, comic relief, and a mastery of voice modulation.

Whether delivering introductions, moderating panel discussions, or facilitating Q&A sessions, Deya’s articulation is a hallmark of their emcee prowess.

Deya thrives on creating connections and encouraging confidence in women and girls all over the world! She crafts an atmosphere conducive to networking, knowledge exchange, and

Deya is not just the master of ceremony, she is the master of the BIG energy in the room!